Medical Billing vs Medical Coding:

Coding companies often are only looking for candidates with experience, so you are better off focusing your initial job search on Medical Billing jobs.

Where to start your job search and other things to know:

  • Any platform like Indeed or LinkedIn is good. Use keywords like “Medical Billing” or “Healthcare Billing.”
  • Take your time with applications! Make sure your resume and cover letter are clean and tailored for the specific position in question.
  • Keep your applications professional.


Lacking experience? Consider these options to increase your skill set:

  • Look into internships and job shadowing opportunities, and ask about these during interviews!
  • Take some extra coding modules offered through AAPC. Click here for more info on AAPC.
  • Look into entry-level positions where coding is not the primary function (Billing jobs or denial claims are good options).


Resume and Interview tips to always think about:

  • Include all achievements: Credentials, 2nd languages, and VA Ready Scholar status!
  • Never use abbreviations on your resume.
  • In both resumes and interviews, be sure to showcase your medical knowledge by using the terminology.
  • Ask meaningful questions during the interview that indicate interest.


Click the links below for more information and resources:

AAPC – American Association for Professional Coders
AHIMA – American Health Information Management Association
CPC – Certified Professional Coder (CPC exams are taken through AAPC)