We need your help to ensure all interested students know about the VA Ready Program!


What is a VA Ready Scholar?

VA Ready Scholars are motivated Virginians who are registered at one of the Virginia Community College System’s 23-member institutions and participating in the FastForward Program in one of VA Ready’s selected training programs. VA Ready Scholars must also sign our VA Ready Scholars Agreement.


Who is eligible to enroll in VA Ready?

VA Ready is open to motivated Virginians who enroll in one of the VA Ready approved credential courses within the FastForward program.


Which programs does VA Ready support?


How does a student sign up to be a VA Ready Scholar?

Scholars can sign-up for VA Ready on our website. We ask students to provide basic information and click to agree to the VA Ready Scholars Agreement. Once this is completed, students will receive email confirmation and be asked to sign up for the FastForward program if they have not already done so.


What is a Credential Achievement Award?

VA Ready Scholars who complete one of the eligible programs and obtain the relevant credential will receive a Credential Achievement Award in the amount of $1,000. The FastForward program will have already covered 2/3 of the tuition. See the eligible programs here.


How did you choose the eligible programs?

FastForward offers roughly 400 training and credential programs. VA Ready used a rigorous approach to identify approximately 30 of the most in-demand occupations across three broad industry categories that are eligible for this supplementary program. We focused on occupations with the most need for skilled workers, the skills that can be acquired through short-term programs, and programs that are already part of Virginia’s FastForward initiative.


Is there a deadline for signing up to be a VA Ready Scholar to receive the Credential Achievement Award?

Students should sign-up for the VA Ready Scholars program prior to or within 5 calendar days of starting their FastForward course to ensure eligibility for the program.


How do students get access to support services?

We will provide students with career resources through our website. We are working to provide these resources as soon as possible. We want to connect students to nearby Career Works centers to help with resume building, interview prep, etc. as well as provide links to online resources.