The VA Ready Job Opportunities Board is one of the many advantages you have as a VA Ready Scholar. On the Job Board, you have the ability to not only search for open positions in your credential area, but also be recruited by employers who are seeking new hires for their teams. In order to take advantage of this resource, you must first activate your profile.

Below are step-by-step instructions to help you get started on the VA Ready Job Opportunities Board!


Step One: Log Into Your VA Ready Scholar Portal

The first thing you need to do is log into your Scholar Portal. Click here to access Scholar Portal.

Once logged in, simply click the box that says “VA Ready Jobs Board.”


Step Two: Activating Your Profile

Now that you have entered the Job Board, you must activate your profile by clicking the red box “My Scholar Profile”. It is important to keep this up to date and you can edit your profile at any time.

Once you click “My Scholar Profile,” you will be taken to your Profile page where you can edit your information, upload your resume, and change your status to “Ready for Hire”.

IMPORTANT: If you are not ready for recruiters to see your profile, you can leave your status as “no”. When your profile is complete, be sure to change the status to “Yes” to indicate that you are available for hire. By checking this box, Business Partners will have the ability to view your profile and contact you if they are interested in you for a position.

See photos and steps below on filling out the first section of your profile:

1) Be sure to indicate “Yes” in the “Available to Hire” section when you are ready for employers to find you.

2) Upload a resume. We recommend this be a PDF version. If you do not have a resume, then we recommend using the VA Ready Scholar Resume template. Click here to download the free template via our resource center.

3) Add in a personal statement that sums up your goals and who you are as a professional.

4) Make sure that all the demographic information is correct and fill out any fields that are missing.

5) Indicate your military veteran status as well as your security clearance status.

6) Once you have completed these sections, click the “Next Tab” button”


Step Three: Credentials and Education

Here you will need to verify your Community College and previous education history. Once you fill out both fields, select which industry you earned a credential in. This will bring up a list of all the VA Ready supported credentials in that field. Select which one you earned.
Note: If you have multiple credentials, please select all that apply.



Step Four: Saving Your Profile and Next Steps

By clicking “Save to Publish” your profile will be successfully activated. Click on “My Dashboard” to be redirected to the main page of the Job Opportunities Board.


Step Five: Applying to Jobs

Now that you have activated your profile, you will be able to start browsing for open positions! You can do this by clicking the “View Current Available Job Postings” button. This will be in the upper right of the screen on desktops and at the bottom of the page BENEATH all the Business Partner logos on mobile devices. You can also click on any of the VA Ready Business Partner logos to view their job boards.


That’s it! You can now begin your job search on the VA Ready Job Opportunities Board.

Questions? Contact our team at outcomes@vaready.org for additional help and information.

For career readiness resources, click here to be taken to the VA Ready Resource Center