The VA Ready Scholars program was created for people who are motivated to increase their skill set by earning a credential for an in-demand job in a high growth sector. In order to participate, you must first enroll in one of the 34 select training programs offered through the FastForward program at one of Virginia’s Community Colleges, or participate in one of our pilot projects through education partners such as Sentara College of Health Sciences.

Wherever you come from, whatever your story, VA Ready is here to help you realize your potential. Our Scholars are Virginians, just like you, who took their futures into their own hands and made a change for the better. They are resilient and motivated, passionate and bold. They are redefining what it means to be skilled and valuable members of the workforce by challenging outdated notions that assume a college degree is a necessary key to success.

Our Scholars step out of their comfort zone and into the unknown to participate in a rigorous, fast-paced education program that is tailored to meeting the needs of in-demand jobs in high-growth business sectors right here in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Through our partnership with FastForward, Scholars get a high-quality, industry-specific education in a matter of weeks. They emerge with the skills to succeed in the fastest growing segments of the economy, along with a support system to help them find the jobs that are right for them.

They are motivated. They are bright. They are the future of our workforce.

Are you ready to join them?


Signing Up For FastForward:

Signing up for FastForward is a separate process from VA Ready.

First, Go to FastForward’s website where you will reach out to your local program and will receive an email with next steps. A FastForward coach will reach out to help you determine which programs are available at your community college and help you enroll.

Once you enroll in your course, come back here and sign our VA Ready Scholars Agreement and let us know what course you are taking and what community college you are enrolled in. Once you finish your course, take your credential exam, and verify you have earned your credential here at VAReady.org, you will receive your $1,000 Credential Achievement Award.

Important: To receive your award, you must sign our VA Ready Scholars Agreement, which registers and enables you to participate in the program and receive the $1,000 Award when you achieve your credential.

VA Ready Scholars will also have access to all the support services provided by the community college you are attending and the FastForward team.

Upon completing the training course and earning the credential, VA Ready Scholars receive a $1,000 Credential Achievement Award and the opportunity to interview with Business Partners who are hiring in their field.

Ready to learn an in-demand skill, find a fulfilling new career, and take your future into your own hands?

What is the process for becoming a VA Ready Scholar?

Follow these simple steps to complete your student journey:

Enroll in a VA Ready approved credential course through the FastForward program in the Virginia Community College System
No later than 5 days after your course’s start date, submit an application as “final” for va ready on scholars.vaready.org
Stay in contact with us during the term of your training program
Earn your credential and verify with VA Ready
Receive your $1,000 Credential Achievement Award
Explore VA Ready’s Job Exchange to see what jobs might be available for you

When you sign the VA Ready Scholar Agreement and provide information on your enrollment in a FastForward course, you will receive detailed instructions on next steps on how to earn your $1000 Credential Achievement Award.