Are you looking to learn a new skill and find a sustainable career? VA Ready offers you an affordable, fast option to gain necessary skills for in-demand jobs. According to the FastForward grant program, job applicants with workforce credentials are twice as likely to be hired than applicants with no credentials. Becoming a VA Ready Scholar offers you the following benefits:

Affordable, Quick Training

The average cost of a FastForward training program is less than $3,000, and these programs last only 6-12 weeks. FastForward covers 2/3 of the tuition for the program and funding sources may be available to help pay for the remainder. Funding sources for other Education Partners such as Sentara are also available.

​Earn a Credential Achievement Award

VA Ready Scholars will receive a $1,000 award upon completing their course and earning their credential.

Connect with our Business Partners

VA Ready Scholars will have access to career opportunities with Business Partners who are hiring in their credential field.

Develop Useful Professional Skills

VA Ready collaborates with Business Partners and industry experts to produce free resources and events to help Scholars get career-ready.

High Completion Rate

With more than 90% of students successfully finishing the credential courses at FastForward, Scholars will be prepared to enter the workforce with the skills for success.

Ready to earn a new credential to get a job and launch your new career?