Mattie Green

Student Success Coordinator

Mattie Green is the most recent member of the VA Ready team. As a lifelong Virginia native, she feels connected to each Scholar and is delighted to have the opportunity to support Scholars on their educational journey. As the spouse of a veteran, Mattie brings her experiences with transitioning military in the hopes of assisting separated service members with accessing career and educational opportunities.

While Mattie has held a variety of previous employment positions, each can be broken down to the core of serving and helping others. Whether teaching swim lessons or connecting students with campus resources, Mattie has always been passionate about assisting others with “taking the plunge” as they push their horizons.

Mattie’s higher education journey has taken her to both James Madison University and Ferrum College, allowing her to experience higher education in both a larger public institution and a smaller private institution. These experiences have allowed her to meet and collaborate with individuals from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. She looks forward to further fostering connections with a diverse demographic of people in the near future.