Want to become a VA Ready business or strategic partner?

Join VA Ready as a Strategic Partner or Business Partner to have access to a talented pool of qualified individuals, the opportunity to shape training content for your in-demand roles, and build relationships across the Commonwealth.

Employer engagement is the backbone of VA Ready and a key to the success of our mission to place thousands of motivated Virginians in high-demand jobs. Employers across Virginia in the high-growth industries of computer and cyber, healthcare and skilled trades expect annual demand for at least 6,000 to 8,000 new jobs that can be filled by VA Ready scholars.

With talent development at the core of their workforce strategies, business partners contribute financially, actively participate on Talent Task Forces to dynamically evolve curricula, and work with VA Ready to share job opportunities with qualified, credentialed VA Ready Scholars.


Why should my business partner with VA Ready?

There are three key benefits for your business.  When you become a partner with VA Ready, you will have:

Access to reliable, qualified talent

Our Business Partners have the opportunity to get their job openings in front of and interview VA Ready Scholars.

​A meaningful say in shaping curricula for your in-demand roles

Direct connection to VA Ready Education Partners to shape requirements and curricula for your in-demand occupations through membership on a VA Ready Talent Task Force that brings together workforce development professionals from both sides of the equation – training and hiring.

New and stronger relationships across the Commonwealth

Join and strengthen the network of local stakeholders in workforce development and develop pathways to employment and meaningful careers.

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Thank you to our Founding Partners who were integral in launching Virginia Ready Initiative