How to Successfully Upload your Credential in 2 Easy Steps

Once your course has been completed and your credential has been earned, you will undoubtedly want to upload the proper materials to ensure that you are able to receive the $1,000 Credential Achievement Award from VA Ready.

Important: This process must be completed within 150 calendar days of your course ending. If you have any questions on this, please email those concerns to credentials@vaready.org.

For this process, you will need two key items:

  1. Your credential from the accrediting body
  2. An “Acknowledgement of Credential” PDF sent from VCCS


For instructions on how to acquire these 2 items, please continue reading below.


Step 1: Upload Your Credential

Once you complete the credential exam, you should receive a copy of your credential from the accrediting body. Once you receive this form, please simply take a photo of it and upload it into the “Credential Upload” section (see below) of the Upload tab in your VA Ready portal (https://scholars.vaready.org).

Please read these supporting notes as they may apply to you:

  • For those taking a CDL-A course, the signed paper copy of your Commercial Driver’s License from the DMV or the actual plastic copy of the license is what you will want to upload in order to process your award.
  • For those testing under the National Healthcare Association (NHA), we are looking for the PDF with the light blue border and gold seal.
  • For those who are in programs under Virginia Ship Repair Association (VSRA) for the Marine Trade Training programs we are looking for the certificate with the red border (you will receive this during your OSHA training).
  • For those who are in programs under the American Welding Society (AWS) we need to see a copy of your Performance Qualification Record.
  • For those who are in programs under NCCER we need a copy of the credential from the registry. This can be accessed at https://registry.nccer.org/OnlineVerification/VerifyCardNumber as long as you have your card number and log in information. It may take 24 hours after your exam for the registry to be updated.


Step 2: Upload the “Acknowledgement of Credential” PDF

The second item that you will need to upload in order for VA Ready to properly process your $1,000 award is an “Acknowledgement of Credential” PDF sent directly from VCCS. Please Note: This PDF will be sent to you over email and may take upwards of 2 weeks to arrive. This email comes from the Virginia Community College system office and is an automated email. This email is only generated once a copy of your credential has been uploaded by your college to their system. Please make sure your college has received a copy of your credential.


This PDF will be emailed to you from the Virginia Community College System office (Subject line: VCCS Acknowledgement of Credential) on the first OR second Monday following the week you completed your coursework and passed your exam the week prior. The PDF Certificate attached to the email to upload is the verified credential from VCCS, and the only one we can accept.


A screenshot of  what you are looking for can be found below. Please note: This picture is for sample purposes only. The one sent to you will say your name, the program you were enrolled in, the community college you attended, and the date you completed your coursework.

Once you receive this PDF, you should upload it to the “Community College Verification Email” section (see below) of the Upload tab in your VA Ready portal (https://scholars.vaready.org).